NZ Schools Triathlon Champs

We’re excited to announce that 2021 event will feature the NZ Schools Triathlon Championships, held alongside the New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup at Ngāmotu Beach. 

A chance for School Students to have some fun on the blue carpet, race with their friends and compete for national championship titles in either the Triathlon or the 4 person team relay, or both!  

The Schools Championships event is open to athletes from year 7 through to U19, as at 1 January 2021.  

Entries will be taken online from 27 November 2020 - note that principle approval is required prior to arriving at the event.

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the festival than with this high-energy event of undeniable talent! Spectators can enjoy this, and all other events up close and free, or through our live streaming here. 

Athlete Guide

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Course Maps

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Race Rules

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Entry Information

Entries are invited from competitors of all abilities. One person should complete the entry for the 2-3 person team event or the 4 person team relay, and should have at hand the names, date of birth, contact details, medical conditions of each team member before beginning the entry process.

If you want to form a mixed team for the 2-3 person event (not the 4 person team relay) then you are more than welcome to, you will start with other teams of your age group but you will not be eligible for championship points or place getter medals.  Eligible 2-3 person teams for championship titles and points will be made up of the same gender and from the same school.

To be eligible for championship points in the 4 person team relay you must have a team made up of 4 males, 4 females or 2 males/2 females from no more than 2 schools (with championship points being split between these 2 schools). Your team will be put in the age group of the oldest participant in the team i.e. a 16 year old in a team with a 18 year old will race in the under 19 age group. If your team is made up of 3 males and 1 female or 3 females and 1 male you will not be vying for championship points and will start in a wave after the main age groups. 

If you are not a current Tri NZ member there is an additional fee of $5 per individual entry or $5 per team entry. 

The Under 16 and U19/Junior events will form part of the Tri NZ National Junior Series.  For more information on this series please visit the following link:

All entries must be accompanied by a Principal approval letter which you can download above.

Online entries close at 11:59pm Sunday 21st March, however you can still enter on Saturday 27th March at the event, but this will incur an additional $10 late fee for each entry.

U19 Schools athletes will be racing alongside the Junior (U20) athletes which means these athletes do not need to chose between a Schools title and a North Island title.  This race will be draft LEGAL and the 45mm wheel rim restriction will NOT apply to this race only  

If you are wanting to do a bulk upload of entries, please complete the appropriate excel spreadsheet  below(different for the Triathlon and 4 Person Team Relay) then email to

Important Information
There may be a small number of athletes that will turn 16 after the 2nd January 2021 - placing you in both the Under 16 Junior Series and Secondary Schools category AND the 16-19 Sprint North Island Championships category. Please contact Mel Saltiel to discuss options before the 12th March 2021.


Individual & Team Triathlon4 Person Team Tag
Under 12200m swim / 5.3km bike / 2km run200m swim / 3km bike / 1km run
Under 13200m swim / 5.3km bike / 2km run200m swim / 3km bike / 1km run
Under 14300m swim / 10km bike / 3km run200m swim / 3km bike / 1km run
Under 16300m swim / 10km bike / 3km run200m swim / 5.3km bike / 1km run
NCEA300m swim / 10km bike / 3km run 
Under 19750m swim / 18.5km bike / 5km run200m swim / 5.3km bike / 1km run

NZ Schools Champs Schedule


Saturday 27 March
3pm-5pmRegistration - Port Taranaki Building - Ngamotu Beach

Sunday 28 March 
8:00U12/U13 Boys Individual Triathlon Start
8:05U12/U13 Girls Individual Triathlon Start
8:10U12/U13 Teams Triathlon Start (3 person teams)
8:30U14 Boys Individual Triathlon Start
8:35U14 Girls Individual Triathlon Start
8:40U14 Teams Triathlon Start (3 person teams)
9:10U16 Boys Individual Triathlon Start (U16 Junior Series)
9:15U16 Girls Individual Triathlon Start (U16 Junior Series)
9:20U16 Teams Triathlon Start (3 person teams)
9:40NCEA Individual Triathlon Start
10:50U19 Boys Individual Triathlon Start (includes Junior/16-19 age group athletes) DRAFT LEGAL
10:55U19 Girls Individual Triathlon Start (includes Junior/16-19 age group athletes) DRAFT LEGAL
11:00U19 Teams Triathlon Start (3 person teams)
4 Person Team Relay
13:45U14 Team Relay Start 
13:46U12/U13 Team Relay Start 
13:47U12/U13/U14 Non-Championship Teams Start
14:55U19 Team Relay Start
14:57U16 Team Relay Start 
14:59U16/U19 Teams Non-Championship Teams Start
16:30Prize Giving