TRI Taranaki Festival Schedule

Festival Overview


Saturday 27 March 2021
3pm-5pm Registration - All eventsPort Taranaki Building,
Ngamotu Beach 

Sunday 28 March 2021
7:00-10:30Registration all eventsNgamotu Beach
8:00U12/U13 Boys Start
8:05U12/U13 Girls Start
8:10U12/U13 Teams Start
8:30 U14 Boys Start 
8:35 U14 Girls Start 
8:40 U14 Teams Start 
9:10 U16 Boys Start (U16 Junior Series)
9:15U16 Girls Start (U16 Junior Series)
9:40NCEA Participation Wave Start
9:50Taranaki Tri-er Men Start
9:51Taranaki Tri-er Women & Teams Start
10:30Fun Run for Mellowpuff Trust
10:50U19 Boys Start & Junior/16-19 Age Group
10:55U19 Girls Start & Junior/16-19 Age Group
11:00U19 Schools Teams Start
11:20Men 20-34 years start
11:25Men 35-49 years start
11:30Women 20-39 years start
11:35Men 50+ start
11:40Women 40+ years start
11:45Sprint Teams Start
13:45U14 NZ Schools Team Tag  Start
13:46U12/U13 NZ Schools Team Tag  Start
13:47U12/U13/U14 Non Champ Team Tag Start
14:55U19 NZ Schools Team Tag  Start
14:57U16 NZ Schools Team Tag  Start
14:59U16/U19 Non Champ Team Tag Start
16:30Prize-giving all events

T-shirts from GreenMonkeyVelo 

Tri Taranaki T-shirts are $45 each and can be ordered from GreenMonkeyVelo pre-event and collected onsite.  

To get yourself sorted for race day head on over to and use the promo code TARANAKITRIFESTIVAL2021 to make sure your kit is ready for the Tri Taranaki Festival next month!  Failing that, GreenMonkey can sort custom kit for your future events.  To have some kit ready in time for the event, we need to finalise the designs by March 1, 2021.


2019 ITU Triathlon World Cup

Gold Luke Wilan, Australia, 56:04
Silver Justus Nieschlag, Germany, 56:10
Bronze Sam Ward, New Zealand, 56:10

Gold Angelica Olmo, Italy, 1:03:27
Silver, Jolanda Annen, Switzerland, 1:03:28
Bronze, Jaz Hedgeland, Australia, 1:03:36

WIL Sport NZ Oceania Junior Champs 2018

Gold Lorcan Redmond, Australia, 1:00:17
Silver Luke Schofield, Australia, 1:00:24
Bronze Jayden Schofield, Australia, 1:00:37

Gold Hannah Knighton, New Zealand, 1:07:46
Silver Ari Graham, New Zealand, 1:09:00
Bronze Romy Wolstencroft, Australia, 1:10:14
(NOTE The race was won by Desirae Ridenour (Canada) who is not eligible for Oceania Medals)

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